New Docker Features Coming To Windows Server 2016 Version 1709

With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2016 1709 version later this month, Docker will ship new features for the OS.

Windows Server 2016 version 1709 will be releasing a Semi-Annual Channel with 18 months support (more details below).

Long and Semi-Annual Channel

As Announced a few months ago, Windows Server will be available in two release modules.

  1. Long-Term Servicing channel – This Is the current and most familiar module where a new operating system version is released every 2-3 years with 5 years support cycle.
  2. Semi-Annual Channel – This new module will offer two new releases every year with new features and roles, support will be available for 18 months.

The Semi-Annual Channel will only be available for Volume Licensing Customers with Software Assurance.

Linux Containers

For the upcoming release, docker has announced the features below that will be available in the new build.

Docker Linux Containers On Windows Server – this feature will ship with version 1709 as a preview option only and probably will go GA 6 months later.

Linux containers are available using the new LinuxKit released a few weeks ago.

Smaller Windows Image

Version 1709 will make Windows Nano Server 2016 a Container Only Operating System with 70MB in size only.

This change marks an 80% reduction in image size compare with the current Nano Server image which is 400MB.

The main reason for the reduction in size is due to the fact PowerShell is no longer available on Nano Server

Docker Enterprise Edition Preview

To install the new docker Enterprise Edition preview on Windows Server 2016 1709 or Windows Insider and give it a go use the two cmdlets below:

Install-Module DockerProvider
Install-Package Docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -RequiredVersion preview

Please do not run the preview edition in production.


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