Windows Nano Server 2016 Version 1709 Container Image Released and Available

Today Microsoft released the first Container only image for Windows Nano Server 2016 version 1706.

The new image will only work as a Container Image and it’s 70% smaller than the regular container Image.

To run it you must run Windows Server 2016 Version 1607 as a Container Host.


First announced five months ago, Windows Server 2016 version 1709 releases as a Semi-Annual Channel with 18 months support (more details below).

Long and Semi-Annual Channel

As Announced a few months ago, Windows Server will be available in two release modules.

  • Long-Term Servicing channel – This Is the current and most familiar module where a new operating system version is released every 2-3 years with 5 years support cycle.
  • Semi-Annual Channel – This new module will offer two new releases every year with new features and roles, support will be available for 18 months.

The Semi-Annual Channel will only be available for Volume Licensing Customers with Software Assurance.

If you don’t have Software Assurance you can use Microsoft Azure where it’s available.


The new Nano Server image was released with the Windows Server Core 1709 Container Image as well.

The Image Names can be seen below:


To download the Nano Server Image I run:

pull microsoft/nanoserver:1709

To view the Image after it’s finished downloading I run:

Docker image

As you can see the Image size is 236MB only.

To run a 1709 Container, I use the cmdlet below:

Note: At this stage, PowerShell Is not included.

run -it microsoft/nanoserver:1709

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