Docker 17.06.2-ee-6 For Windows Server 2016 Released

Two days ago Docker released a new version for Docker Enterprise Edition on Windows Server 2016.

The new Server (17.06.2-ee-6) released on 27/11/2017 and comes with few bug fixes.

What’s In The new Version

The new version fixes runtime and Swarm Mode Issues like:

  • Fix leaking Container exec state
  • Protect health monitor channel to prevent panics
  • Fix memory exhaustion when a malformed image could cause the daemon to crash
  • Fix deadlock on getting swarm info
  • Error on cluster spec name change
  • Only shut down old tasks on success
How To Update Docker to the new version

To update docker to the latest version run the cmdlet below.

There is no need to shut down running containers however it’s better to do it after hours.

Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerMsftProvider -Force

When completed, Restart the docker service using the cmdlet below:

Restart-Service docker

And to check the version number run:

Docker Version

Docker Versions

Below you can see the upcoming Docker Versions road map for upcoming releases.

Windows Server 2016 used Docker EE and Windows 10 Uses Docker CE.

Docker EE gets a new major version every 3 months and currently at 17.06 ( June 2017).

The latest Docker EE preview edition is at which is in preview.

Docker CE comes in two versions Edge and Stable:

  • Edge is for users wanting a drop of the latest and greatest features every month.

Stable is released quarterly and is for users that want an easier-to-maintain release pace.

Below you can see the Time Based Release Schedule for Docker.

CE Edge get a new version every month

Docker CE stable and EE get a new version every 3 months.

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