New Docker Edge 17.12.0.-ce-rc2 Version Released

Today Docker released a new Edge version for Docker Community Edition (CE) for Windows 10.

The new version Is the Edge version that Includes all the latest and greatest Docker features.

Every new Edge release Includes the latest security patches and bug fixes but not new features.

The new update Includes:

  • Bug fixes and minor changes
  • Fix a class of startup failures where the database fails to start, see docker
  • Display various component versions in About box
  • Better removal of LCOW images & containers when uninstalling Docker

Links in Update changelog open the default browser instead of IE

Manual Update

If you are running Docker for Windows, you will be asked to update your docker Client or you could do a manual update by right-clicking on the Docker client.

Once updated you will see the message below.

Post update

Below, you can see my Docker update output with latest version number and built date which Is 12/12//2017

Docker Versions

Below you can see the upcoming Docker Versions roadmap for upcoming releases.

Windows Server 2016 used Docker EE and Windows 10 Uses Docker CE.

Docker EE gets a new major version every 3 months and currently at 17.06 ( June 2017).

The latest Docker EE preview edition is at


Docker CE comes in two versions Edge and Stable:

  • Edge is for users wanting a drop of the latest and greatest features every month.
  • Stable is released quarterly and is for users that want an easier-to-maintain release pace.

Below you can see the Time-Based Release Schedule for Docker.

CE Edge get a new version every month

Docker CE stable and EE get a new version every 3 months.

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