Running WordPress And MySQL On Docker Containers

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to run a complete WordPress Blog and MYSQL Database Server on Docker Containers running on Docker for Windows or a Linux Host.

At this stage, We can only run WordPress on Linux Containers using the official WordPress and MySQL Images.

To get this running on Windows Container Host, I’m using my Windows 10 machine with Linux Containers switched on.

Before you start, I recommend you follow this article without changing anything just to see that It works.

Download Images

To get started, I’ll download the official WordPress and MYSQL Container Images using the lines below.

docker pull wordpress

docker pull mysql

If I run the line below, I’ll see my Images

docker images

Create MYSQL Database Container

Before I create my WordPress Blog container, I’ll create a MySQL Database Server Container using the line below.

Note: I must set the password to get MySQL to start.

I’ll note the password and Container Name for the next step where I’ll create the WordPress Container and Connect to the Database

docker run --name mysql01 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=Password1234 -d mysql

Create WordPress Container

Now, that My Database Server Is up and running, I’ll create my WordPress Application Container with all the MYSQL Container Details below.

docker run --name wordpress01 --link mysql01 -p 8080:80 -e WORDPRESS_DB_HOST=mysql01:3306 -e WORDPRESS_DB_USER=root -e WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=Password1234 -e WORDPRESS_DB_NAME=wordpress -e WORDPRESS_TABLE_PREFIX=wp_ -d wordpress

Start WordPress

Now, that My Container Is running and I’m using Port Forwarding, I’ll access It using


In the home screen, I’ll continue

All I need to do now, Is settings up Site Title and Password

Done, Now I can access my WordPress blog


Using WordPress on Docker Containers very powerful tool for testing, development and production systems.

In my case, I’ll be using WordPress on Docker for all my development and testing purposes before moving my Blogs to Containers during 2018.

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