New Docker Edge 17.12.0.-ce-win45 Version Released

A few days ago, Docker released another Docker for Windows Edge channel version, which also marks the last release of 17.12 before 18.01.0.

The last version for 17.12 comes with the updates below
  • Remove secret/config duplication in cli/compose docker
  • Add –local flag to docker trust sign docker
  • Add docker trust inspect docker
  • Add name field to secrets and configs to allow interpolation in Compose files docker
  • Add –isolation for setting swarm service isolation mode docker
  • Remove deprecated “daemon” subcommand docker
  • Fix behaviour of rmi -f with unexpected errors docker
  • Integrated Generic resource in service create docker
  • Fix external networks in stacks docker
  • Remove support for referencing images by image shortid docker
  • Use commit-sha instead of tag for containerd moby

Note: Before updating to this version make sure you shut down all running containers.

To update to the latest version click on the Install Update from the update reminder windows, If you don’t see the screen below.

You can also update docker manually by right click on the docker Icon and -> Check for Updates…

The update process will take around 3 – 4 minutes and you will see the screen below when done.

Once the update Is completed the client and server version will look like the screenshot below.

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