New Docker Edge 18.02.CE-RC1-WIN50 Version Released

Yesterday Docker For Windows Team released a new Edge version for Windows with the new major feature, Kubernetes support.

This version also allows running Linux Containers side-by-side with Windows Containers.

New In 10.02 (official notes)


  • Experimental Kubernetes Support. You can now run a single-node Kubernetes cluster from the “Kubernetes” Pane in Docker for Windows settings and use kubectl commands as well as docker commands.
  • LCOW containers can now be run next to Windows containers (on Windows RS3 build 16299 and later). Use –platform=linux in Windows container mode to run Linux Containers On Windows. Note that LCOW is still experimental, it requires daemon experimental option.
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
    • Better cleanup for Windows containers and images on reset/uninstall.
    • Do not recreate Desktop icon on upgrade (effective on next upgrade)
    • Fix proxy for &

Update Steps

In the Docker For Windows update, screen, click Install update and follow the prompts

At completion, Docker will have the version number below.


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