How to Upload Windows Container Image To Docker Hub

In this blog post, I’ll show you how I create a Windows Container Image and upload it to Docker Hub online Image registry.

Docker Hub

An Online Image registry service owned and hosted by Docker and allows us to create Images and store them in it.

Docker Hub allows us either to make the Images public or private.

We use Docker Push to copy Images to Docker Hub and Docker Pull to download them.

Get Started

To get started we need to create a free docker ID from the Docker Hub website.

Build Images

In my case, I’m going to copy my Office 365 connect Image to Docker Hub and make it public to anyone.

Below, I’ll use the docker Build command with –tag (-t) switch to name It.

In my case my repository name Is ntweekly and the Image name Is office365 so the full name will be ntweekly/office365

docker build -t ntweekly/office365 .

Push Image

To push Image to Docker Hub, I’ll login first with my Docker user ID using:

Docker login

Once logged In, I’ll use the cmdlet below to push the Image to Docker Hub

Docker push ntweekly/office365

Docker Pull

To download the Image from any host and from everywhere In the world all I need to do Is use the command below:

docker pull ntweekly/office365

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