Docker for windows Edge Channel 18.02.0-CE WIN52 Version Released

Two days ago, Docker released a new version for docker For Windows Edge Channel with two upgrades.

About Docker Edge Channel

Docker Edge Channel offers developers and IT Professional the opportunity to try the latest and greatest feature on docker for windows.

The Edge Channel offers monthly releases and weekly and daily bug fixes If needed,

Version number If structured In YY/MM format, for example, February 2018 release will have 18.02 version number.

The new build, Number 18.02.0.CE-Win52 comes with a new Docker compose 1.19.0 and a new update to Docker for Windows.

Docker Compose

The new version 1.19.0 which Is already packed Into Docker For Windows has the latest support for compose file version 3,2 and 1 and more than 15 bug fixes.

Docker For Windows

The new update adds the following fixes:

  • Attach: Ensure attach exit code matches container’s
  • Added support for tmpfs-mode in compose file
  • Adds a new compose file version 3.6
  • Fix issue of filter in docker ps where health=starting returns nothing
  • Improve presentation of published port ranges
  • Bump Go to 1.9.3
  • Fix broken Kubernetes stack flags
  • Annotate “stack” commands to be “swarm” and “kubernetes”

To update to the latest version use the Install Update button In the Docker for Windows update menu.

Once completed, The Docker for Windows version will look like the screenshot below.

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