How to Install Kubernetes CLI On Windows And Manage AKS

In this blog post, I will show you how to install the Kubernetes command line tool on Windows 10 and manage Kubernetes clusters hosted on Azure Container Service using the kubectl.exe.

About Kuberentes

Kubernetes is an open source management system for containers management that allow us to automate, manage, deploy and scale containerized applications.

It was originally developed and designed by Google and now it runs under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

In its current release, it works with Docker, AWS Containers and Azure Containers.


To get Kuberentes installed we need to install the Azure CLI 2.0 command line tool, please use this article to install it.

Install the CLI

In my case, I am using the Microsoft Azure Container Service which runs Kuberentes and I will install the CLI using the line below.

Note: To install the Kuberentes CLI, I installed Azure CLI 2.0 before.

az aks install-cli

Once, Installed Kuberentes will be installed under “C:\Program Files (86)\Kubectl.exe”

To start Kuberentes, I will navigate to the C:\Program Files (86) path and run the line below to view all available cmdlets.


Below you can see all the commands that allow us to deploy, manage and automate containers.

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