Deploy a Basic Application to Azure AKS

After I showed you how to deploy a Web App to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using  .YAML today I will show you something a bit simple.

Today, you will see how I deploy a Nginx web server to AKS in two minutes and make it available to the outside world.

In his post, I will use the AKS Kubernetes Dashboard also known as Web UI.

About AKS

Released a few weeks ago and currently, in public preview, AKS offer a managed Kubernetes cluster that can be scaled up and on demand without needing to configure Containers, host, storage networks etc.

Get Started

Before you start, make sure you visit my Deploy AKS articles.

Once my cluster is up and running I will start AKS Dashboard and click on the create button to the right top corner and select CREATE AN APP

In the app details, I will fill in the information below:

  • App Name: Nginx
  • Container Image: nginx:latest
  • Nuber of pods: 1
  • Service: External
  • Port: 80 and 80 for both

Next, I will click on Deploy

Once deployed it will take around 2 – 4 minutes for the container to be up and running and available externally.

After a few minutes, I will click on Services and my Nginx server is ready using the external endpoint listed

If I click on the external endpoint I will see my server up and runing

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