How to Deploy a Web App to Azure Container Instances

With the public release of the Azure Container Instances, today I will show you how I deploy a web application from a Docker container to Azure without using complicated solutions like AKS.

What is Azure Container Instances

Azure Container Instances offers a simple and fast way to deploy and run a container in Azure, without having to need to deploy a virtual machines


Before you can use ACI you will need to create a container registry in Azure that will allow you to deploy the image from to ACI, for more info visit my article on how to do in a few minutes.

Get started

After I uploaded my container image to Azure Container Registry, I will select it from the Container Registry and click and by using the side menu I will select Deploy to a web app

In the container menu, I will fill in the details and create an App Service Plan

I will also need to select the service plan for my app but it is recommended to use the Free plan if you just want to test the service.

To create a new App Service Plan I will click on the app service plan resource page and create a new plan with the Free tier.

Below is the Free plan I am going to use

After selecting and refreshing the plan screen I will see it available

Now my web app is ready to run inside a Linux container

Once created my application is up and running

If I go to App Service I will see it there with all the details like URL, etc

If I click on the URL I will see it in action

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