Install Docker on Windows Server 2019

With the upcoming release of Windows Server 2019, I decided to take it to a spin and install Docker for Windows Server and see how it works.

Windows Server 2019 is still in preview mode and the only way to access it is using the Windows Insider program.

The latest build is very stable and soon to be release as a GA.

Get started

The current Docker version that is compatible with Windows Server 2019 is the preview enterprise edition which comes with more advanced features that will be release in the next windows version.

To install docker I will start with the first command below from PowerShell

Important: If you are planning to use nested virtualization and run Windows Server 2019 inside a VM like I am doing run the two cmdlets below, disable dynamic RAM memory and use minimum 2 VCPU 

Set-VMProcessor -VMName Server2019 -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true
Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName Server2019 | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -MacAddressSpoofing On
Install-Module DockerMSFTProvider -Force

Next, I will install the preview edition and will confirm that it is completed

Note: The command below will install the default Windows Server Enterprise Edition Version which is 17.06 which is the only version currently working with Docker Universal Control Plane.

To update to the latest Docker version after installation of the default version visit this article

Install-Package docker -ProviderName DockerMSFTProvider -force

Once completed, I will restart my server using


When the server is up again, I will run the command below to confirm the version and below you will see that it’s Enterprise Edition version 17.10

docker version

Download Image

To download Window Server insider build I will be using the pull command below with the Windows Server core edition for Server insider

docker pull

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