Docker for Windows is now Docker Desktop

Last week Docker announced that the Docker for Windows client will be rebranded as Docker Desktop with a new Edge Channel release, features and versioning scheme.

Docker Desktop

Under the new umbrella of desktop clients both Docker for Mac and Windows will sit together and allow Docker to remove the misunderstanding between the products and versions.

Docker Desktop will also allow to switch between Kubernetes and Swarm with a single click of a button and a better integration between and switching from Linux and windows containers.

New Features and versioning Scheme

With the new Docker Desktop release the following features are available:

  • LCOW does not anymore need –platform flag on multi-arch images
  • The product release is also introducing a new versioning scheme starting with and below I will show you the upgrade steps.


To update by current Docker for Windows to Docker Desktop I will follow the normal update steps

Below you can see the new version number and all the components.

Run Windows And Linux Containers Side by Side

And finally, I can run both Windows and Linux Containers together without using special flags etc.

Below you can see how I downloaded both Windows and Linux Container images and run them without making any changes.

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