Manage Azure AKS With Azure Cloud Shell

In this blog post, we will show you how to manage an Azure AKS cluster using Azure Cloud Shell and the Azure CLI command line.

About Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell is a command line utility hosted inside Microsoft Azure and has all the needed command line utilities loaded in to the shell.

Cloud Shell runs inside a storage account in Azure which allows us keep a script libarary inside it and use from anywhere.

With Cloud Shell there is no need to install the Azure CLI and keep it up do date.

Manage AKS

To manage my AKS cluster using Cloud Shell I will start by login in the Cloud Shell using the URL

Below you can see how Cloud Shell looks like.

To view all the AKS, Azure CLI commands I will run the command below:

Az aks --help

To view my Cluster, I will run the command bleow first to with the resource group name and AKS clustername

az aks get-credentials --resource-group AKSCluster --name AKSCluster001

Now I can use the Kubectl utility to run commands

kubectl get nodes

To view my AKS cluster configuration in a JSON configu file I will run

Az AKS list

I can also see my running version

Check updates

To view the AKS master and Node version and if there are updates available, I will run the command below

az aks get-upgrades --name AKSCluster001 --resource-group AKSCluster  --output table

As you can see both Master which is managed by Microsoft Azure and my Node are running the same version.

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