Auto-Shutdown Azure Kubernetes Nodes (AKS) In Azure

In this blog post, I will show you how I configure my Azure Kubernetes Development cluster to auto shutdown automatically.

Because my development environment is only for testing and development purposes there is no need for me to keep the cluster up and running and paying for it.

Because the underline AKS nodes are virtual machines I can use the Azure Auto shutdown feature to turn off the my AKS node every night.

AKS Node

Below you can see my AKS node, by default all Azure AKS nodes name start with AKS-agentpool-

Next, I will go ahead and click on Auto-Shutdown

In the Auto-Shutdown configuration I will click on under Enabled and set the notification to yes.


Using Auto-Shutdown for AKS nodes in development environment is very handy and can also save money at the same time.

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