Update Azure Kubernetes (AKS) Nodes Using Azure Cloud Shell and Azure CLI

In this blog post, I will show you how I update my Azure Kubernetes (AKS) node using Azure Cloud Shell and Azure CLI.

Masters and Nodes

It is important to note that in AKS we only have access to the Kubernetes Nodes not the Master, Behind the scene Microsoft manages the Master which takes the management overhead from us.

Check current version

The first step in upgrade process is to login to Azure Cloud Shell shell.azure.com.

Next, I will run the authentication command below to with my resource group name and AKS cluster name.

az aks get-credentials --resource-group containers --name deploy

Now, I will run the command below to check if there are available updates.

az aks get-upgrades --name deploy --resource-group containers --output table

And finally, I will I will update command below which will update my AKS node to version 1.11.5

az aks upgrade --name deploy --resource-group containers --kubernetes-version 1.11.5

When the process is completed I will see the JSON output below

To verify that the update was completed I will run the get update command

az aks get-upgrades --name deploy --resource-group containers --output table
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