New Docker Desktop Version Released (Version

Last night, Docker released a new Docker for Windows, now known as Docker Desktop to clients.

The new version also complets the rebranding proccess that was announced a few months ago that consolidated all desktop version under the Docker Desktop brand.

Below you can some of the main feature that are available in this release.

  • Bug fixes and minor changes
  • Fix service log collection in diagnostics
  • Gather /etc/hosts to help diagnostics
  • Add 18.09 missing daemon options
  • Rename Docker for Windows to Docker Desktop
  • Partially open services ports if possibles
  • Quit will not check if service is running anymore
  • Fix UI lock when changing kubernetes state

New Desktop Icon

One of the features in this version is the new Desktop the rebrand the product as Docker Desktop.

Below, you can see the old Desktop icon before I installed the update and it called Docker for Windows.

After the installation the icon appear as Docker Desktop, you might aslo noticed the the Edge version text is no longer appear on the icon.

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