How to Locate All NuGet Packages on a Windows Machine

In this Microsoft .NET blog post, we will show you How to locate all NuGet packages on a Windows Machine.

NuGet is a package manager for .NET and allows developers to download and manage dependencies for .NET applications.

With NuGet, we can download packages for .NET applications using tools like PowerShell, Dotnet CLI, package files and more.

A .NET package is a library that contains a class and methods inside the class. For example, Azure OpenAI is a class library that allows us to use OpenAI in Azure.

.NET NuGet Packages Location

In Windows, all the NuGet packages are located in the following path.


The screenshot below shows how the packages are organised.

If you open the location, you will see all the packages downloaded to the machine from VS Code or Visual Studio.

It is important to note that Nuget packages are not deleted automatically when a .NET project is deleted. If you use your machine for development, clearing the packages every few months is a good idea.

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